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Impresa House is offsite manufacturing (OSM) the world-class, pre-fabricated buildings of the future, today.

Impresa house manufacture a closed panelised system which can increase construction speeds by up to 50%. The system is manufactured entirely off site with CNC technology and delivers vastly improved structural, thermal and acoustic properties. We are rethinking the construction process, from the ground up, crafting every detail to your exact specification.

speeds by up to

*Manufacture and assembly times vary depending on size and design of projects, as well as our current production schedule.


We can deliver a wide range of processing options from predetermined shapes to precision cutting, drilling, grooving, routing and bevelling – all to the most demanding tolerances.

We source our CNC plant and machinery from German manufacturer Weinmann – a world leader in powerful construction equipment, systems and customer-focused design. Our innovative new software can accurately calculate the exact materials needed for each project, reducing waste, maximising build efficiency and minimising costs.


Cost Efficient

Minimised work on-site means home can be erected faster and more efficiently. Faster time to lock up means fewer suppliers to pay, less materials wastage, fewer weather delays and greater workplace safety.

Quality & Excellence

We specifically select the highest grade materials for each construction element to allow for enhanced structural output and insulation properties. All materials comply with Australian Standards and Regulations.

Higher Energy Ratings

Customise energy efficiency from the ground up – Impresa House can deliver 8-Star Energy Ratings with every sustainable, eco-friendly element accounted for in the design stage.

CNC Production

More accurate cost estimations with greater fixed costs that reduce potential variations and allow for a more streamlined onsite project management to ensure higher build quality.

Accuracy & Precision

State-of-the-art CNC machinery and more controlled construction brings millimeter perfect builds with greater quality control.

Year-round construction

In factory pre-fabrication means no more onsite delays (ie bad weather constraints) for homebuilders who can now build how they want, when they want.