Impresa House is offsite manufacturing (OSM) world-class, pre-fabricated buildings of the future, today.

Impresa House is an off-site residential and commercial builder and pre-manufacturer of energy efficient construction projects.
Focusing on improved quality and sustainability in each development, Impresa House is revolutionising the way projects are being assembled in Australia.

The solution is manufactured entirely off-site with CNC technology allowing vastly improved structural, thermal and acoustic properties with increased construction speeds of up to 50% .

Impresa House – winner of the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame award for Defence, Transport and Construction Technologies 2017.

Impresa House challenges the traditional construction convention, drives innovation and embraces change to continuously refine and improve each component of its process to deliver the pinnacle in maximum energy efficiency, improved aesthetic quality and complete desirability in each of its projects.

Impresa House and our team of employees are transforming the way Australians build their houses. We are committed to building outside the traditional scope, and are continuously setting new standards in manufacturing, construction, and design. We are dedicated to career development, and ensure that each team member is supported as we strive towards the shared goal of revolutionising the Australian construction market.

Junior EstimatorDerrimutPart time
Offsite Manufacturing OperatorDerrimutFulltime
Onsite CarpenterDerrimutFulltime

We are looking for hardworking, highly driven people to join our team. If you are interested in working for Impresa House in the future, click on the link below to register your interest.


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