Case Study: 42 Cole Brighton

Project:42 Cole, Brighton East
Client:P.R.M Construction
Contract Type:Sub Contract Agreement SC-7
Project Type:Duel occupancy development.

Project was obtained from an early relationship with the client, who visited the factory when Impresa House was setting up. The client involved their architect early on in the design process to ensure that the design phase was complimented by the Impresa House offsite manufacturing (OSM) solution.

Time:Manufacturing was completed over an 8-day period.
Wall Panels:19 external GF walls
19 internal GF walls
14 external FF walls
5 internal FF walls.
OSB was fixed on both sides of the timber frames with some panels left exposed
to accommodate for steel and other structural members.
Cassettes:15 GF cassettes
5 GF roof cassettes
11 FF roof cassettes.
Cassettes were covered with metal sheeting (roof application) in the factory.
Parapets:10 PW.
Majority of the parapets were manufactured in factory.
Windows:Windows were supplied from client and majority were installed in the factory.

Time:Construction was completed over an 18-day period.
Logistics:Site location was a detailed item requiring consideration during planning.
40ft drop deck semi-trailers were utilised to transport all panels and cassettes.
Crane:7 operational crane days were required to install all panels and cassettes.
A 14 tonne extendable boom cranes was used.
Slab:A suspended slab on Bondec over a basement was poured
- it was in excellent condition with straight levels and edges and with neat rebates for the blockwork.

“Some minor hurdles with blockwork and site logistics resulted in minimal time saving efficiencies, but detailed project planning ensured the successful construction of this bespoke, high-end development.” Denis Botvenev – Chief Engineer