Case Study: 9 Risdon Ct, Tarneit

Project:9 Risdon Ct, Tarneit
Contract Type:New Homes Contract HC6 – Turn Key solution
Project Type:Single Dwelling.

Designed, manufactured and constructed by Impresa House to achieve an optimal offsite manufacturing (OSM), the Risdon is a 220m2 single story, 4-bedroom home with a skillion raked roof in the open-plan living area. From slab stage to lock-up – 2 and half days...

Time:Manufacturing was completed over a 4-day period.
Wall Panels:14 external GF walls, 16 internal GF walls. OSB was fixed to both sides of the timber frame to provide structural bracing and allow all fixings to be directly attached to the bracing board instead of studs/noggins.
Cassettes:18 roof cassettes were insulated and covered with metal sheeting in the factory to ensure the building was water-tight as quickly as possible.
Parapets:12 PW were manufactured in the factory and assembled onsite.
Windows:Windows were supplied by a local sub-contractor and majority were installed in the factory, with the remainder being installed and glazed onsite.

Time:Construction of the Impresa House shell was completed over a 3-day period.
Logistics:Site location was a detailed item requiring consideration during planning.
40ft drop deck semi-trailers were utilised to transport all panels and cassettes.
Crane:2 operational crane days were required to install all panels and cassettes. A 30 tonne extendable boom crane was used. The site was a new estate so access and overhead wires were not a concern
Slab:Traditional waffle slab solution was highlighted for the Risdon. Variances in slab levels ranged between plus-minus 10mm, hence packers and a self-leveling grout was utilised for installation of finished panels to control heights. Blowouts around the perimeter
Finish:the Complete project from commencement on site to the end user moving in was 19 weeks.

“The Risdon was a great success – to have the structure assembled and water tight in just over 2 days is a great result for the team at Impresa House. We pride ourselves on quality but speed on site is a massive advantage” - Andrew Aliev – General Manager