Quality and Speed with the Treehaus Project

admin on October 22, 2018

When asked about the Impresa House System, a client’s first question is usually, “what are the benefits” and the first thing that comes to mind is QUALITY and SPEED. The Treehaus project is a great example of both.

This project is being constructed with the Impresa House Solution in conjunction with the AFS Logicwall System for intertenancy walls. Impresa House cassette floors, internal and exterior walls and double glazed thermally broken windows are used for the remainder of the build.

The key benefits come from the basics of prefabrication; all components are manufactured offsite and undercover at the 16,000m2 Impresa House facility based in Derrimut and then wrapped and waterproofed ready for transport. These controlled conditions mean consistent quality, controlled costing and increased productivity.

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It is easy to see why developers such as Samssons are embracing the methodology of offsite panelised prefabrication with the quality and speed experienced on the Treehaus build.