Impresa House demanding a better building and construction process

Impresa House is continuously modifying its building solution with an ongoing evolution in sustainable building and offsite manufacturing (OSM) construction. Our objective is to raise awareness and demand a better building solution for the general public, builders and developers. We strive for improved knowledge of resource efficiency in the OSM built environment to support better decision making in the social, environmental and economical forums

Building with timber offers many advantages compared to alternative materials and is versatile, cost effective and sustainable. Wood has strong sound dampening properties unlike concrete that will reflect sound and is lighter and more easily manipulated compared to most other building materials such as steel and cement. Timber also reduces foundation requirements due to the above ground structure being lighter, and produces a lower carbon footprint on the environment and is a renewable resource.


Sustainability is improved with offsite manufacturing processes through more efficient use of materials, resulting in significantly less waste. Further benefits are achieved through quality controlled operations and precision manufacturing with CNC technology and machinery. Materials are stored and work is conducted in a controlled and enclosed facility that is both ergonomic for our workers and not exposed to severe outdoor environmental factors.

The major advantages with OSM is quality, precision and timing. With a substantial portion of the work being constructed in a controlled environment, the risk and timeframe for construction onsite is significantly reduced. All design details are conceptualised in the early stages of the project to ensure the most efficient and resourceful method of assembly. Connection details for each structural junction are manipulated to allow for easy installation to remove onsite risk and onsite time. Operational Health and Safety is pivotal on any building project and the Impresa House solution significantly reduces the onsite manual labour requirements and improves the overall safety and tidiness of each project.


Impresa House has a goal to optimise energy efficiency and overall sustainability for each project. Passive Haus is a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for heating or cooling units.

The equation is simple:

Increased Energy Efficient Builds

reduced energy consumption

reduced costs for services

reduced pollution and output

improved living standards

With every project Impresa House asks itself 5 simple questions:

  1. What insulation is required and what insulation can be used to provide a better solution?
  2. How can we prevent air-leakages or provide an air-tight solution?
  3. How can Impresa House remove any thermal bridges?
  4. What windows can be utilised and what windows can be provided for a better solution?
  5. What is the optimal orientation for the project?

In assessing each one of these questions, Impresa House does not just aim to achieve the minimum six star energy rating, but looks at optimising the overall construction process to provide the best outcome for the end consumer.